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Unity: the free game engine

Now developing a video game is becoming more and more accessible to everyone, even if the real developers have a big advantage over others. Among the best known game engines we can find “Unity“.

Unity is a game engine open to the general public, this engine has an easy to use interface that allows you to develop your video game on several platforms known as Android, Ios or Windows.

Unity is available in free version and paid version (subscription), despite this the free version already has many advantages to develop a good video game. Compared to other Unity engines has its weight of gold:

  • Many tutorials to start and learn to develop on Unity
  •  A gigantic community in case of technical problems
  •  Several “packages” of interesting objects to download for his project
  •  Business assistants novices who start development on Unity

The main development languages are C # and Javascript. Mainly in can divide we can see 3 parts about creating a game on Unity:

The GameObjects: 

These are the different objects that make up the game such as cars, characters, trees, ….



The part that defines GameObjects behavior


 The variables:

Components have several editable properties that can be optimized through the Inspector window in the Editor, and / or via the script.

If you want to download the Unity game engine to develop your first game go to their official website: