Good plan

Put some poetry in your daily life


Poetry is to language what dance is to walk, according to the pretty formula of the poet Paul Valéry. Poetic language consists in fact of diverting a word from its current meaning, that is to say the meaning usually used in everyday language. These words that we use every day for the purpose of communication between humans will be transformed by the poet. Thanks to original combinations of words, the use of numerous figures of style and games on the musicality of sounds and rhymes, the poet succeeds in creating new images in the minds of readers.

However if this art could sometimes appear as elitist, poetry takes multiple forms and it is invited more and more in our cultural spaces, notably accompanied by music. It is only to see the big success of the record 12 men rapailles where several singers (Vincent Vallières, Michel Rivard, Yann Perreau, Plume Latraverse among others) put to music the verses of the poet Gaston Miron.

We also hear a lot about slam, of which Ivy is the most famous Quebec representative. At the start, the slam is a poetic oratorical competition where the members of the jury are chosen from the public. Those who decide to participate in this oratory contest improvise texts (freedom of expression is the rule) and these must be pronounced a cappella. Then this term of slam has spread and can now apply to other events such as spoken word or even poetic one-man shows. Thus in Montreal, the Voix d’Amériques festival has been celebrating “spoken word and daring speech” since 2002. Initially pure improvisation, these performances around words ended up becoming a full-fledged song art. In short, if you like words, but if your only memory of poetry is the forced reading of certain works, know that new discoveries are available to you!

And do not hesitate to reveal the poet or the lover of poems that is in you …