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Fivola: Making money online in Madagascar

Already for several years there are several techniques that allow us to make a small supplement of salary or even a salary for some online. This concerns sites such as Megaclic, GPT1, FollowFast and many more. However there are several factors that prevent its sites from being popularized in Madagascar, the means of payment is an example. That is why Fivola was created.

Fivola What is it?

Fivola is a site that allows Malagasy to earn money online by watching advertisements. Registration is totally free.

How does it work? 

Companies are paying money to promote their site and some of that goes to people who view their site using the Fivola platform.

What is the difference between the other sites?

As it is a totally Malagasy site, the means of payment are the means of payment adapted to the population of Madagascar, the “mobile money” including Mvola, Orange money and Airtel money. In

conclusion it is a site specially made for the Malagasy even if the Number of advertisements to be viewed per day and still small enough it’s a good way to round off the end of the month.

If you are interested sign up by clicking on this link.